Know Your Rights Webinar Series



Solidarity Towards Collective Power

The National Lawyers Guild – SFBA in collaboration with the Anti-Repression Committee and other movement partners have come together to create and produce a series to lift up our rights and our resistance to the ways in which Trump and the federal government are attacking movements and communities demanding justice. These weekly teach-ins focus on ways we can protect and be in solidarity with one another against these federal government attacks: the use of military weapons, surveillance and infiltration by local law enforcement, and the collaboration and non-action of local governments against federal violations of rights. Join us to learn practical ways to protect ourselves and our communities, to prepare for the ways law enforcement will attack us and to build ongoing solidarity and resistance with one another. Read check-out previously recorded sessions. 


Session 1

Feds Out of Town

Resistance to Trump’s Federal Deployment of Agents

Session 2

Don’t Get Got

A Community Self Defense Workshop and Know Your Rights Training

Session 4

Surveillance and Security Recording

Posting and Communicating Safely

Session 5

Solidarity Across Terrorist Designations

A Community Self Defense Workshop and Know Your Rights Training

Session 6

White Nationalism and Relationships to the State

From Building Black Power to Elections


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