The Bay Area Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild denounces the militarized and excessive law enforcement response to protests demanding an end to racist police violence in the wake of the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police, Sean Monterrosa by Vallejo Police, Breonna Taylor by Louisville Police and so many others who have died while in police custody.

To date, the Alameda, San Francisco, Sacramento and Los Angeles District Attorneys’ offices and the Los Angeles City Attorney have declined to file charges against people arrested for curfew violations. The Alameda and San Francisco District Attorneys have also publicly announced that they will not pursue other non-violent, non-property damage protest cases stemming from the outpouring of community support and shared outrage over the police killings.

We call upon prosecutors from all counties to follow suit and honor our communities, respect our civil rights, and reject the criminalization of Black lives. Furthermore, in recognizing that human life is valued above property and the uprisings are a demand of the valuing of human life, we demand that all protest related cases be dropped, including vandalism and looting charges, and that the arrest records of those arrested be cleared.