Ken Greenstein, one of our long-standing sustainer members is representing 68 tenants against one of the largest landlords in San Francisco – Veritas. Veritas owns nearly 240 buildings including over 5,000 apartments in the neighborhoods of the Tenderloin, Noe Valley, Richmond District, Western Addition, Anza Vista, the Castro, North Beach and Nob Hill. The 68 tenants represented by Greenstein share unpleasant experiences of their water and electricity shutting off, outstanding repair requests, and ongoing construction in their places of living.

“It’s clear that Veritas’ business plan is to clear out the long-term tenants…They would love to raise all rents to market so they can increase their profits.”

Veritas’ has it’s eye on the influx of out of town tech workers entering the City who are willing to pay premium rent prices. Read more