Digital Security & Doxing Defense

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NLG-SFBA | Programs

Digital Security & Doxing Defense

Given the pervasiveness of surveillance through public cameras, cell phones, computers and social media, a crucial piece of movement security is increasing awareness and practices of digital security and defending one another against attacks and defamation by fascist and other right wing individuals and groups online (doxing).

This includes:

  • Reducing the harm & vulnerability of social media: Reducing harm caused by postings from protests, in response to law enforcement interactions, arrests, raids and searches and the use of relationship mapping by law enforcement.
  • Increasing the practices of digital security: Encouraging awareness of what gets discussed through less secure text, email or phone calls and use of more secure platforms.
  • Increasing understanding of how surveillance is used towards repression: Providing people with an understanding of mass surveillance and how it is used in courtrooms and to chill dissent.
  • Providing training in reducing vulnerability & defending oneself and others against doxing: Basic training in reducing access to personal information online and “scrubbing” or “cleaning” our presence online to reduce access people have to information about us or our loved ones that they can use to intimate, defame or threaten.
  • Professional scrubbing for NLG members and leadership of partner organizations: Access professional “scrubbing” or “cleaning” of one’s online profile to reduce current or potential targeting by the law enforcement and/or fascist/right wing individuals and groups.


For more information on digital security, social media safety, and doxing defense, please email our Membership Coordinator below.