UPDATE:  White supremacists and fascists have announced plans to bring their hate to Berkeley throughout the day on Aug 5. We won’t let that happen. We’re shifting our start time to 11am to make sure there’s no room for hate and to keep everyone safe.  This was a complicated decision rooted in community safety. We thank you for your flexibility and very much need you there.  Join us at 11am Aug 5 for a rally at Ohlone Park. Solidarity actions to follow throughout the day. All are welcome.


Last August (2017), groups of white supremacists, aided by police and politicians, attempted to take over Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Park in order to build a base in the Bay. A crowd of thousands—including students, unionists, faith-based activists, teachers, and other everyday people—was there to confront them. We worked together to shut down the fascists and send them packing. Nationally, we sent a message that hate will not be welcome in the Bay.

Once again, a group of white supremacists, Trump supporters, and fascists has announced a rally in downtown Berkeley for August 5, 2018. This event is part of a week-long nationwide “commemoration” of the hateful acts that took place nearly a year ago in Charlottesville, in which DeAndre Harris was beaten and Heather Heyer murdered. It is our duty to loudly and publicly reject their hate and to redouble our efforts in building a truly just and liberatory world.

We are calling on all members of our community to assemble together to stop white supremacist and state violence from growing. As history demonstrates, regular maintenance is required by people of heart and conscience to shut down white supremacy and fascism, which are foundational violences of this settler-colonial state. We’ve got to tend to the relationships and values that fuel, nourish, and inspire us to build a vision of collective liberation.

On August 5, we will gather to maintain a Bay Area free of fascism and white supremacy, sweeping out those that seek to deport, cage, harm, or extinguish members of our communities. Attacks on immigrants, Black and Indigenous people and other people of color, Muslims, the un-housed, queer and trans folks, disabled people, and/or women are becoming more prevalent as fascism reasserts itself in governments, state agencies, and increasingly organized groups across the globe. In the US, law enforcement, ICE and other deportation agents, and the jails and prisons work to remind people that this country was built on Indigenous land, on the backs of enslaved people, and that the prison industrial complex currently functions to maintain racial capitalism. We are reminded of this every time police kill another Black, Brown, and/or trans person in the streets. This country was founded on white supremacy and we must rise up with others around the world in an international movement to resist the fascism of both government and vigilantes. It’s time to take out the trash.

This is a community-wide call for each of us to perform critical community maintenance by removing fascists and white supremacists from our community. This will be a festival of resilience starting in Ohlone Park at 11am going to MLK park for August 5, 2018. Featuring local artists, activists, musicians, comedians and everyday people. Our rally will send a clear message: “No hate in the Bay.”

Accessibility Point Persons will be identified by MC’s and available to assist any community members with accessibility concerns.

ASL interpreters are confirmed. Starting at 11am, space will be reserved close to MCs + speakers for ASL users and those with other accessibility needs. Gratitude to TBAR (Terps for Bay Area Resistance) for ASL interpretation.

More accessibility details to be added as confirmed. Please email surjbasebuilding@gmail.com with any accessibility questions.

As much as possible, please arrive fragrance-free to support access for folx who experience multiple chemical sensitivities and allergies. This means using body products and laundry detergent that say “fragrance free” or “unscented” and that do not have scented ingredients.

Endorsed by:
Solidarity Against Fascism East Bay (SAFEBay)
SURJ Bay Area
National Lawyer Guild S.F. Bay Area Chapter
East Bay DSA Socialist Feminist Caucus
East Bay Democratic Socialists of America
DSA Communist Caucus
East Bay DSA Refoundation Caucus
SEIU 1021
BFT Berkeley Federation of Teachers
DSA San Francisco
The Degenderettes, NorCal chapter
International Socialist Organization
Movement Generation
Critical Resistance Oakland
La Voz de los Trabajadores/Workers Voice
Refuse Fascism, Bay Area Chapter
John Brown Anti-Klan Committee
Bay Area Queer Antifascist Network
International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
Folsom Lake College Campus Antifascist Network
Leading Light Communist Organization
Revolution Books
Punks for Progress
Science for the People, Bay Area Chapter