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NLG-SFBA | About Us


As the legal arm of the progressive movement, the National Lawyers Guild SF-Bay Area is dedicated to bringing on staff with organizing skills and movement relationships to best support our member engagement with the emerging needs of the movement.

Sara K.

Executive Director

After her father tested positive for HIV, Sara became involved in ACT-UP and started a life-long commitment to social justice activism and organizing. Sara has a background in reducing drug-related harm, transformative justice, prisoner solidarity and anti-racist organizing. She was part of building two youth centers – Youth Uprising in East Oakland and RYSE Center in Richmond. Sara has been involved in the NLG-SF for over a decade as a Board member and legal worker. She’s a founder of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network and GenerationFIVE (an organization committed to preventing and responding to child sexual abuse through transformative justice approaches). Sara is a queer mother of a five-year old.

Sara has relied on the National Lawyers Guild across her activist work and is deeply committed to its role in defending activism and organizing towards humanity, liberation, environmental justice and self-determination.

Laurel C.

Membership Coordinator

Laurel is a prison abolitionist and a migrant writer from Taiwan. They come to the National Lawyers Guild with a background in cultural organizing and volunteering with prisoner solidarity groups based in the Bay Area, advocating for people incarcerated in California's women's prisons. Before joining the NLG-SFBA team, Laurel was a student organizer and an editor. They earned their B.A. in Ethnic Studies in 2020.

Lina S.

Demonstrations and Santa Rita Jail Hotline Coordinator
she/her & they/them

Lina came to the National Lawyers Guild through her involvement in an autonomous, volunteer-run support effort at Santa Rita Jail which continues to provide free food, phone calls, housing resources, and transportation to BART. When in 2019 prisoners in Santa Rita Jail organized a work and hunger strike, the National Lawyers Guild supported the creation of a Hotline for the jail, now coordinated by Lina and a team of volunteers. Prior to joining the Guild, Lina was a baker, musician, and legal visitor with the California Coalition for Women Prisoners.

E. C.

Member Program Coordinator - Programs & Committees Coordinator

E is a Texas transplant who has called Oakland her home for over a decade. E came to the NLG through community with many fellow activists involved. E brings to the NLG her experience interning at Freedom Archives to document the work of both resistance and the history and ongoing struggles against repression. E also brings her activism as a tenant organizer and skills as a community-based bike mechanic. E enjoys her paperback collection, obscure music and walking her dog.

Savannah L.

Program Coordinator - Immigration Justice & Special Projects
she/her & they/them

Savannah is a recent college graduate from San Francisco State University, where they studied and worked among student organizations, including Jews Against Zionism, MEChXa, & GUPS. During their time at SFSU, Savannah learned about the radical history of the college and soon expanded to working with international solidarity movements in the Bay Area. For the past 3 years, Savannah has been involved with CISPES, organizing solidarity work in support of the ongoing liberation movement in El Salvador, and served as a social media coordinator for the Bay Area Chapter. Savannah began to participate in political actions for asylum and against deportations, during which NLG-SF defended those involved. Savannah finds a strong alignment between the work of the NLG and their commitment to international solidarity and activism and is excited to do work that defends both.