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Federal Defense Committee

The Federal Defense Committee provides activists and targeted community members legal advice and education to reduce vulnerability to repression and legal defense and community mobilization in instances of repression. The Committee supports activists in exercising their right to remain silent and resist government intimidation and coercion.

The NLG is opposed to cooperation with government investigations. Our attorneys and legal workers align with this approach, while at the same time, responding to the particular circumstances and needs of the activists they are representing. We do not provide support for activists who intend to inform on other activists or community members.

The work of the Federal Defense Committee includes:

  • Tracking cases of federal law enforcement activity to update the movement
  • Consultation and education for movement organizations, networks and activists on reducing vulnerability and responding to repression
  • Intake, consultation, representation and community mobilization to individual incidences of federal repression
  • Grand Jury resistance education and response
    Anti-repression education and materials

The get involved in or access support from the Federal Defense Committee, contact our Demonstrations Coordinator below.