NLG-SFBA | Activist Support

Activist Support

The National Lawyers Guild – SF Bay Area provides legal support for demonstrations and direct actions organized by progressive groups who oppose racism, sexism, classism, fascism, heteropatriarchy and transphobia.  We understand that legal support is critical in the planning and aftermath of any action. We seek to partner with organizing groups to ensure that action participants’ legal needs are addressed. 

As possible and desired, we also provide support to popular uprisings and the efforts of frontline communities to defend themselves.

The National Lawyers Guild – SF Bay Area Chapter can provide the following types of Legal Support

  • Legal briefing before an action to inform planning
  • Legal observing during an action to document law enforcement (including any collaboration with fascists or other right wing forces)
  • Legal hotline support during an action to report arrests and until arrestees are out of custody
  • Legal support post-action, including tracking arrestees through the legal system and recruiting pro bono or low cost lawyers for representation and/or coordinating with public defenders and appointed counsel
  • Connection with bail support through the Anti-Repression Committee and other bail funds
  • General legal education, training and briefing