80 years of meaningful social change in the Bay Area.

In these highly charged political times, the work of the Guild has never been more urgent. From attacks on our most marginalized communities to an escalating effort to suppress dissent, the need for progressive resistance – and protections for those who choose to resist – is dire.

The San Francisco / Bay Area Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (NLGSF) has met this need for the past 50 years. Our chapter has played a significant role in supporting the resurgence of social movements demanding racial and economic justice in the Bay Area. With a membership of over 700 progressive law students, legal workers, jailhouse lawyers and attorneys, NLGSF is the largest NLG chapter in the country.

If you would like NLGSF to endorse your action or campaign, please email Sara Kershnar, Interim Executive Director, at sara@nlgsf.org.

Our Team


Interim Executive Director - sara@nlgsf.org

Pronouns: She/Her
Email: sara@nlgsf.org



Program Director - eliana@nlgsf.org

Pronouns: They/She


Membership Coordinator - membership@nlgsf.org


Demonstrations & Anti-Repression Coordinator - demonstrations@nlgsf.org

Pronouns: She/Her
Email: srjhotline@nlgsf.org

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NLGSF provides legal support for demonstrations and direct actions organized by progressive groups who oppose racism, sexism, classism, fascism, heteropatriarchy and transphobia.

Executive Board

James Burch, President

KellyLou Densmore, Vice President

Hasmik Geghamyan, Secretary

Debra Murov, Treasurer

Board Members

James Burch
Jennifer Orthwein
EmilyRose Johns
Lisa Knox
Carey Lamprecht
Jody LeWitter


Karen Jo Koonan
Bobby Shukla
Hasmik Geghamyan
Debra Murov
Leila Sayed-Taha
KellyLou Densmore

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