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Right to Shelter

The Right to Shelter Committee of the NLG-SFBA recognizes the struggle for the self-determination of homeless and marginally-housed people and low-income tenants to secure shelter and basic resources as one of the most pressing struggles in the Bay Area and nationally.

The Committee works to defend homeless, marginally-housed and tenant activists who are self-organizing around encampments, RV communities, occupying empty housing and tenant rights. Actions include filing counters to administrative fines, restraining orders, eviction defense and California Public Records Act (CPRA) requests on contracts and claims by local government defending their harassment and displacement of people seeking housing.

Our Eviction Defense is a collaboration between the Right to Shelter Committee and the Demonstrations Committee to provide legal observers trained to document state action against homeless, marginally-housed and tenant evictions as well as attorneys to support activism against evictions and forced displacement.

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